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Mobile Web Designer


Mobile Web Designer

Well hello, smarty pants!
How do I know you’re so smart? Because YOU know that responsive web design skills are seriously in-demand, and you’re HERE to take your first step towards learning to build from-scratch responsive sites.

That calls for a mini celebration!

But now’s the time to start getting your hands dirty.

Are you ready to learn what responsive web design is all about? To use percentages and media queries like nobody’s business? To use bootstrap frameworks to speed up your process? To identify and meet your user’s needs? To know what all of that MEANS?!

Good! Then it’s time to take the very first steps.

Today, you’re going to get up to speed on EXACTLY what it takes to walk away from this blueprint feeling like a pro (and sporting an impressive responsive site). You’ll also get a refresher on the basics you need, and even get your hands dirty with your very first fluid site layout.

Sound like a lot? Don’t worry! The second you have a question, you can find your trusty instructors and classmates in the Google Group.

For now? It’s time to dive in!
To Dos

Good luck on your very first lessons! This time tomorrow you’ll be using #RWD and making static layouts fluid like a pro. 


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